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About Design A Charm.
A Charm Is Born

Design A Charm provides an unique 3D photo charm experience. Each charm is a true relief, (not etched) of your favorite photograph or design. Design A Charm is a division of R U On The Net, Inc.

Since 1999, R U On The Net, Inc. has brought numerous web and online experiences to shoppers and information seekers. Through collaberation with venture capital firms and highly skilled programmers and developers, ideas are brought to life.

Design A Charm was an effort that required quality crafts"people". Each stage of the Design A Charm product offering required people who had the passion and desire to create beautiful products, the first time. Rather than outsourcing or using a machine to forge the charms, DaC has each product hand crafted, and finished by true jewelry designers and creators.

Our skilled tradespeople create a 3-D photo pendants and combine skills in computer design Photoshop and CAD technology to many years in the jewelry industry, Over the years, the process was refined for creating amazingly realistic photo charms. Other members of our team include talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds from image editing, to milling...from polishing to packaging and customer assistance.

This is a sample of the three steps available in the free charm preview we provide, without obligation.

Actual Photo Rendered Image Your Photo Charmed

Design A Charm is a division of R U On The Net Inc, which is located in Vancouver, Canada. The design, manufacturing, quality control and handling are all done in our secure, modern facilities strategically located in North America to provide immediate attention to your request for a charm and the access to the right people for the assigned task and calibre you would expect from such a precious heirloom.

During the past few years, Design A Charm charms have become one of the most popular, personalized pieces of jewerly given as a momento to loved ones around the world.

We welcome in-store orders. If you are in the neighborhood, stop in to see what we can create for you!

Design A Charm, a division of
RU On The Net Inc.
101-1001 West Broadway, #662
Vancouver, BC,
Canada V6H 4E4
Tel. 1.604.731.1234



"Thank you so much or the beautiful job that you did on Gracie's pendant. It came out better than I even imagined that it could. This charm helps us to remember, in such a positive way. We will recommend you to all our friends."   
Sherryl , St. Louis, MO

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